School Funding

Every child should have the chance to succeed in life. And that starts with access to a good school place, no matter their background or where they live. I regularly meet with local Head Teachers in Castle Point and I have lobbied the Government to increase funding for our local schools.

Animal Welfare

Increased sentencing for animal cruelty, banning Ivory, supporting Finns Law...

The Environment

The 25 Year Environment Plan, protecting Bees, banning Microbeads...

Tackling Private Clamping Companies

One of Rebecca's first campaigns as a Member of Parliament was to bring about a change in the law in relation to the legislation governing private clamping companies.

Save The Deanes School

Rebecca was a leading figure in the fight to Save The Deanes School, helping the school's leadership construct their case against the closure and speaking against it in hearings and cabinet meetings at Essex County Council.Rebecca also compiled a case for consideration by the School's Adjudicator and gave the final speech at the public hearing before the School's Adjudicator ruled that the school should remain open.

Saving the Green belt

Rebecca is passionate about saving the Green belt in Castle Point and preserving the special character of the area.She supported the abolition of Labour's centrally imposed housing targets and the improved Green Belt protections laid out in the Government's new National Planning Policy Framework. She has spoken out in the House of Commons chamber on a number of occasions about promoting smaller brownfield sites for development to remove the threat of housing development or land banking from the virgin Green belt sites around Castle Point.


UPDATED MAY 2016 Rebecca has been working hard to ensure that the terrible flooding that happened across Castle Point in July 2014 does not happen again.  

Medical fitness to drive

Rebecca has campaigned on the issue of medical fitness to drive ever since hearing the heartbreaking story of one of her constituents, Reverend Brenda Gutberlet. Revd Gutberlet lost her niece, Natalie Wade, in a tragic car accident in 2006. Natalie was killed while on the way to buy her wedding dress by a driver who had been told by medical professionals that his