Rebecca has continued her persistent campaign to reduce overrunning roadworks across the Borough and see the removal of lane restrictions and temporary traffic measures.


2023/24 UPDATE:

She has focused in particular on the Balfour Beatty works at the A13 Saddlers Farm junction which choked the main entry way into our Borough for years. It was only when Rebecca requested a meeting with a Managing Director of Balfour Beatty that an apology was offered and a timeline for their removal was agreed. Rebecca, alongside her fellow motorists, was relieved to see the back of these permanent cones and barriers and finally see the end of these works. You can see more of her work on this here:

Cadent and Essex & Suffolk Water are also responsible for some road closures we have seen across the Borough in recent months. Rebecca has been straight on the case and working with them and county councillors has seen roads re-open far sooner than originally planned. Rebecca welcomed Cadent's multimillion pound investment to upgrade the gas supply in the Borough so it is hydrogen-ready and will reduce the number of emergency works needed, which cause even more disruption. She continues to discuss with them how to do this whilst minimising the impact on residents.

Rebecca also welcomes the £17.4 million of additional funding that was committed to Essex Highways, including £5.4 million from the Government for pothole repairs in 2023/24. This money has meant 11 more highways crews have been hired across the county, leading to a 90% rise in the number of repairs taking place last year. Following the reallocation of HS2 funding, Essex will also receive an additional £121 million for pothole repairs over the next decade, on top of the money already agreed. This will make a huge difference in Castle Point, allowing for thousands more pothole repairs.


Rebecca has long campaigned for the Third Road off Canvey and hopes that Castle Point Council, who can bring forward a final proposal, will re-establish the Third Road Taskforce which she convinced them to set up in 2021. You can find more information here: