My Plan for Castle Point


 Protecting our borough from flooding

After the recent devastating flooding in Castle Point, I have made it my personal mission to ensure that all the different flood prevention agencies get together to co-ordinate their improvement works and come up with a plan to ensure it never happens again. I will ensure everything is done to protect homes and businesses. To read more about my work on flooding click here.

 Defending our Green Belt from unwanted development

This Government has made protections for our Green Belt stronger and more transparent. I will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with my residents against unwanted development on our Green Belt. Our Green Belt is precious and our infrastructure can’t take it. To read more about my campaign to save our greenbelt, click here.

 Backing local business to create local jobs

Unemployment in Castle Point has fallen 60% since the last General Election, because we have put our economy on the right track and have made it easier for local firms to take on new staff. We have cut red tape and lowered the tax burden on businesses, rewarding hard work and entrepreneurialism. This needs to continue.

 Securing an EU referendum

I have voted for bills in Parliament that would have given our country an IN/OUT referendum on the EU many times, only for them to be defeated by Labour and the Lib-Dems. Castle Point residents deserve their say on Europe. I will keep on campaigning for an IN/OUT EU Referendum. Read more on my views on Europe here.

 Supporting our pensioners

Those who have spent the longest putting into our country deserve to be supported. I was proud to support the ‘triple lock guarantee’ that means that pensioners receive a meaningful increase in their state pension every year and I will continue to champion greater support for the retired people in our borough.

 Increasing opportunities for local young people

I have worked hard to promote new apprenticeships and support local schools and colleges. I will continue my push to secure more good quality education and training in Castle Point and ensure our young people have bright prospects in today’s modern global jobs market.