Third Road

Rebecca campaigned for a third road off Canvey throughout her time as MP for Castle Point.

As part of her effort, she hosted the Ministerial visit of Brandon Lewis MP to Canvey to see James Heyes Recycling, Thames Ambulance Group and talk about the campaign for the all important 'Third Road' off Canvey.

Communities and Local Government Minister Brandon Lewis MP visited two private firms with public contracts on Canvey and to hear the economic and regeneration case for the third road off of Canvey Island.The Minister visited the family run James Heyes Reycling on Northwick Road which holds many contracts for waste recycling across Essex before visiting a possible site for a third road at the end of Northwick Road. He then met Directors and employees of the Thames Ambulance Group at their HQ on Charfleets industrial estate before meeting the Leader and Chief Executive of Castle Point Borough Council to hear the technical regeneration case for a third road first hand.

Rebecca also secured a meeting with local councillors and council officials to discuss the matter at the Department of Transport with the Secretary of State.