Rebecca Harris MP welcomes £970 million boost to police funding

Rebecca Harris MP for Castle Point, has welcomed the Government’s announcement that funding for the Police Service in England and Wales will increase by up to £970 million next year, the biggest increase since 2010.


Due to increases in general Government grants, precept grants and pension grants; in 2019/20 the funding available to Police and Crime Commissioners will increase by up to £813 million. Combined with increases in Counter Terrorism police funding and investments in serious organised crime, this means 2019-20 will see an increase in total police funding of £970 million.


Police funding in Essex could increase by up to £23 million in 2019-20 as a result of these changes. The Minister for State Policing Nick Hurd announced last week that if Police and Crime Commissioners use their Council Tax Precept fully, the Government will increase the funding available to them by up to £813 million. As a result, Essex Police will receive an additional £16.8 million from the precept increase alongside an extra £3.3 million from Government funding.


Rebecca has also welcomed the Home Office’s commitment to fighting serious and organised crime, including economic crime and drug trafficking, with a £90 million investment in national, regional and local capabilities.


Additionally, the settlement will again see £175 million going into the Police Transformation Fund, which includes investment for innovative new crime prevention techniques and a new national welfare service for front line officers, and £495 million for national police technology capabilities.


Commenting, Rebecca said:


“I am delighted that police funding in Essex could increase by up to £23 million next year.  Police funding is something that many residents have contacted me about over the past couple months and I welcome the fact that the Government is taking action to further support our fantastic police force. Earlier this year, the policing element of the Council Tax was increased in Essex which has paid for 150 additional front line officers in our County. This extra funding could enable Essex Police to hire even more officers and deliver better outcomes for victims of crime."