Rebecca Harris MP donates second-hand glasses to sight charity at Karen Castle Opticians in Thundersley.

The local Lions Club is collecting old glasses for Vision Aid Overseas, a charity that has been helping disadvantaged people all over the world to see clearly for the last 30 years.

Rebecca said: “If you are long overdue a clear-out, look for your old glasses that are lying around and gathering dust that can be donated.”

Since 2011, Vision Aid Overseas has helped 74,235 people to receive life-changing spectacles across Africa in Ghana, Ethiopia, Zambia and Sierra Leone. In order to establish sustainable eye care in these countries, Vision Aid Overseas recycles donated glasses, which generates enough income to establish vision centres and eye care services to isolated communities where eye care is otherwise non-existent.

Vision Aid Overseas targets communities that do not necessarily have the means to seek help themselves, aiming to establish self-sufficient eyecare services in each country by providing training to local students and technicians in the field.

Karen Castle commented: “Thank you very much for the donation of used spectacles - they are invaluable in helping to improve eye care in developing countries where people of all ages can be rendered effectively blind simply through the lack of vision correction”.