Rebecca on c2c overcrowding

Rebecca stated:

"I have had a number emails this morning about c2c overcrowding. I have already contacted the Department of Transport & c2c directly. I completely agree that our key workers should be able to travel to and from work safely.

c2c have told me they are urgently reviewing their plans today, which include having 12-carriage trains so we do not see a repeat of this tomorrow.

Planners had not predicted the numbers who felt their journey was necessary including at that time.

I would ask people to consider carefully if your journey is...

a. Really necessary and

b. Necessary at peak time. 

Likewise if you are an employer please consider if you staff...

a. Really cannot work from home or

b. If working hours could avoid peak times."



More information from c2c

"The Government’s advice on the need for essential travel only is clear. We have agreed and coordinated this new timetable with the Government to ensure we can offer a service that is intended for key workers during this unprecedented period. Unless your journey is essential, you can find out how to claim a refund for your ticket below.

We have changed our regular cleaning regime in both public and staff areas. This includes using a disinfectant which is proven to kill the Covid-19 strain of Coronavirus and additional cleaning of the regular touch points on our trains, such as buttons, handrails, and the handgrips on the back of seats.

We have also made some alterations to our ticket refund policy. If you have an unused refundable day ticket or you no longer need your season ticket, you will no longer need to pay an administration fee. More details on the refunds process are available here."  C2C