Disclaimer - Dissolution of Parliament

Due to the General Election being called, Parliament will be dissolved from the 6th November 2019. Rebecca will be campaigning to be re-elected and during this time she will revert from being an MP to a Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Castle Point.

During this period there are no Members of Parliament until after the votes are counted following the election 12th December 2019. Over the next few weeks you may still contact Rebecca Harris via her House of Commons email if it is regarding an ongoing case that she is dealing with on your behalf, or an urgent problem and she can assist you with as usual.

If however you wish to contact Rebecca about her political views or share your opinion on any policy issue then Rebecca will NOT be able to respond via my House of Commons email address and you should instead contact Rebecca at her local email address:  office@castlepointconservatives.com so that she can let you know her views as the Conservative candidate for Castle Point.

Please also note that you will not be able to phone the Westminster office during the election period and should instead use the local number: 01268 792 992

While Parliament is closed for the Election period, for matters relating to our local councils, for example housing or potholes, you may find it simpler to contact your local Castle Point Borough Councillor or Essex County Councillor respectively, who may act on your behalf and represent your concerns directly to the appropriate council.